Dr. Roam Romagnoli

Profile picture of Dr. Roam with their face titlted and wearing sunglasses. Their hair is cut into a mohawk style and they are wearing a black shirt that reads "#schools not prisons", Their background is the Californian desert and they are surrounded by outlines of poppies, lilies, birds, armadillos, and pill bugs.
Queer Resource Center, Faculty Coordinator
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Dr. Romagnoli is the first Faculty Coordinator for the Queer Resource Center on the Santa Rosa campus. In addition to their work in the QRC, Dr. Roam also teaches in SRJC’s English Department and in SFSU’s Department of Educational Leadership--consider taking LGBTQ+ Literature (English 36) with Dr. Roam. Roam has Master’s Degrees in Literature, in Critical Theory, and in Higher Education Administration. Roam earned their doctorate in Educational Leadership from SFSU in 2018, where they wrote a dissertation centered in Queer Abolitionist Praxis that aimed to increase access to transfer pathways for systems-impacted students.  Roam continues to teach and support social justice research in the Educational Leadership program at SFSU and taught for many years in our IGNITE program at the Santa Rosa jail.


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