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Each SRJC student who attends & signs in to 3 workshops will be entered into an opportunity drawing for a prize

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Image of Choquib Town's album coverSonido Tropical: An Exploration of AfroColombian Music

Presented by Guillermo Garcia

Monday, Nov. 2 | 1:30- 2:30pm 

Zoom ID:

Drum patterns express hopes of liberation while the power of words narrate the struggle. With hypnotic groves, Afro Colombian music will have you dancing off your seat. In this workshop, Garcia will share music from Palenque, Colombia and cover the historical significance of this region. 

Latinx Heritage Month at Sonoma State University

SRJC students are welcome to join the SSU community for all of their Latinx Heritage Month events, including a live online concert by Las Cafeteras and an Undocu-Latinx Celebration. Click here for more or connect on social media with The HUB, SSU's multicultural center. 

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Logo of MEChA de SRJC with a phonix bird holding a "macana" and pen.  Forum for SRJC Board Candidates

  Monday, Sept. 14 | 6-7:30pm | Hosted by MEChA 

Join SRJC’s MEChA as they host the candidates for SRJC Board of Trustees.




the words "Black & Brown Lives Matter" with images of people put in immigration detention and brutalized by the police  America in Black and Brown

  Tuesday, Sept. 15 | 3-4:15pm | Lecture by Dr. Amanda Morrison 

  From the collaborations between the Black Panthers and the Brown Berets in the sixties to the simultaneous birth of hip-hop and salsa in 1970s New York, Black and Latinx communities have converged in fascinating ways throughout U.S. history. We’ll explore some shared experiences but also look at important differences and unequal ways that African Americans and Latinas/os have been racialized within the Americas.


image of three people cooking in a traditional Mexican kitchen  Recetas y recuerdos: Compartiendo recetas e historias

  Jueves 17 de sept. | 6:30-8:30pm | dirigida por estudiantes de HEP

  Convivio de recetas especiales familiares, estudiantes preparan un platillo y compartiran la receta e historias y recuerdos. 




Logo of Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena  Las Barreras Creadas Por la Civilización Dominante Contra Idiomas y Costumbres Indigenas

  lunes 21 de sept. | 7-8:30pm | En español, Mixteco, Triqui, Chatino

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image of the stone statue of Cuahutlicue  Female Deities: Aztec Spiritual Philosophy

  Friday, Sept. 25 | 10 - 11am | Lecture by Laura Larque

  Laura Larque will discuss several female energies in the Cosmo-Vision of the Aztec Civilization.

For recording, click here:



Image of farmworkers in the fields with smoke filled skiesManaging Life as a Farmworker During Covid & the Fires

Panel discussion by HEP students

Thursday, Oct. 8. 6:30- 8:30pm


  Join SRJC HEP students as they discuss their experiences of working during the COVID-19 pandemic and fires while managing their personal lives, child care, school, and other expectations.



Image of a hand holding a feather Indigenous Peoples' Day

  Monday, Oct. 12 | 11-3pm | Check Facebook link below for more details

  Zoom ID:

  Facebook Event Info and Live:

  There will be an opening prayer and ceremony, with various presentations throughout the event. Please join as much or as little as you can!

  Students, Employees and Community Members: please attend the 2020 Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Santa Rosa Junior College via Zoom. Please contact Hilleary Zarate at or 707-527-4239 if you would like more information. 



image of veggies and plants at a farm stand  Re-membering Our Ways: Medicinal Plants From Bayer Farm

  Wednesday, Oct. 14 | 5:30-7pm |In collaboration with Landpaths

  Zoom ID:

  In this session, we will learn about some plants you can introduce to your home or into your self-care routines. 

As some of the most ancient beings on this planet, plants have evolved and adapted to shape the landscape and our ways of survival, giving us food and tools. Spiritually and emotionally, plants have been used as essential life sources and have provided our ancestors with an immeasurable amount of support, as they continue to do so today. However, the more technological advances we make as a society at large the more we tend to forget about are plant relatives and ancestral knowledge about them. 

In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most commonly used plants at Bayer Farm. Bayer Farm is an organic community garden located in the heart of Roseland, where the needs of both humans and plants are being tended to.

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Cover art of the documentary "Nana Dijo"  Nana Dijo: Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness

  NEW DATE: Wednesday, Oct. 21 | 5:30-7pm |Film Screening+Q&A w/ director Bocafloja

  Zoom ID:

  Join us for a film screening of the documentary “Nana Dijo” followed by a conversation with the film’s director, Bocafloja. Bocafloja is an interdisciplinary artist of afro-indigenous descent based in the Bronx, New York. Bocafloja’s mediums of creation include documentary filmmaking, music, literature and photography. His body of work addresses topics such as the Global South, decoloniality, and the African Diaspora in Latin America. 

Flex credit approved 

Logo of SRJC Dream CenterUndocu student action week | Oct 19- 23

Week-long series of events for undocumented students & allies

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Image of a hummingbird with words "Fulfilling the Dream Conference"  Fulfilling the Dream: Undocu-conference

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